Bloor Bike Lanes – One Last Push
By Adam J. Tanel
October 31, 2017 3:31 pm

Toronto cyclists scored a temporary win when the city agreed to conduct a Bloor Street Bike Lanes Pilot Project. Now, approximately one year later, there is one last City Council vote to determine whether the bike lanes stay or go.

Here’s a brief refresher on the state of the debate:

In favour of the Bloor Street Bike Lanes:

  • Cycling along Bloor (Shaw to University) is significantly safer with the bike lanes
  • The bike lanes have resulted in an almost 50% increase in cycling
  • The bike lanes have been a boon for small business
  • The bike lanes were recommended by City staff
  • The bike lanes are supported by the councillors whose wards they are in (Layton and Cressy)
  • The bike lanes are supported by Mayor Tory
  • Doctors for Safe Cycling deposed that these lanes improve the health and safety of Torontonians

Against Bloor Street Bike Lanes:

  • Doug Ford (Leading General in the “War on Bikes”)
  • Giorgio Mammoliti (best known for claiming to inspect strip clubs)

If you like safe cycling, successful small business and fewer people dying on our streets, consider calling or emailing your City Councillor and telling them that you support the Bloor Street Bike Lanes. Don’t know who your City Councillor is? Here’s a helpful link:

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