Bike to Work Day: Raining in the Morning, Raining Cash by the Afternoon
By Adam J. Tanel
May 29, 2017 5:49 pm

Bike to work day started as a cold and rainy commute, but may have ended in a “Wynne” for Ontario cyclists. The provincial government just pledged over $40-million to improve cycling safety. This money is desperately needed in Toronto; where an unacceptable number of bike accidents are caused by inadequate and unsafe cycling infrastructure.

One important way to spend this money would be to rip up and pave over derelict streetcar tracks. Streetcar tracks are one of the leading causes of bike accidents in Toronto. Read CBC News article on the issue, Streetcar tracks major cause of serious downtown cycling crashes, new study 

While we all recognize that streetcar tracks serve a purpose. Derelict streetcar tracks, of which there is kilometer after kilometer, serve absolutely no purpose. Now that the province is stepping up to the table with money, it is important that the cycling community helps direct where and how that money is spent.

If you think some of this money should be used to remove unused streetcar tracks, or if you have other ideas about how the money can reduce the number of bike accidents in our city, please contact your city councillor and MPP. After all, it’s our money, let us make sure it is used to make cycling safer in our communities.

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