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  • Story Created: October 29 2017    Author: Nikhil
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    I always get on the road with strong consciousness of my safety; I wear my helmet and use lights. I bike every day to work and always get home before sunset. It was that one night when things just wrong in series, one after the other and led to my 1st car accident. One day I had to work late and when I got out of work it was already dark, then I step out of office and it started raining. I reached for my bike lights which I have not used for a while since I am a day time rider. I noticed the battery were almost dying and it would go-off at any moment. I hopped it would last me one more ride before I change the battery. While I was going up the Sherbourne street and crossing on my right of way at a green light, a car comes from the back and takes a right turn without noticing me. As all road bikes, my handle is curved, which that day I realized it makes a perfect hook for a car’s side mirror. Now you probably get the picture, my handle was hooked to the car’s side mirror and the driver dragged me for about 10 meters without noticing until another car behind honked and flashed. I was fortunate to not go under the car before he stopped. I only suffered with an ankle injury, but really shaken. The guy comes out the car apologetically explaining he didn’t see me due to rain and my bike lights were not on. I let him go as it was partially my fault.

    So the moral of the story; make sure you always have a working bike lights for night time, and try your best not to ride during rain as the motor vehicle visibility reduces significantly. I hope that my experience can prevent others from similar situation.

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