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  • Story Created: June 16 2017    Author: thebikeguy
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    I was out on my bike last week with friends riding on a designated bike path that required us only to go on the road when we crossed intersections. We were crossing one of the less busy intersections (green/walk light giving us priority) when a car turning left suddenly sped up to make the turn before oncoming traffic. I slammed onto the brakes when I saw him speeding right towards me, he stopped within inches of my leg. I was just thankful that I wasn’t kissing the pavement. I got off my bike and walked across the road. Less than two seconds later he sped off, cursing out his window and yelling that it was our fault. This isn’t the first time that something like this has happened to me, but it’s amazing to see the level of disregard drivers have for cyclists. He was ready to risk hitting us instead of waiting 10 seconds for us to cross and traffic to pass. Something has to change, the GTA is far too dangerous for cyclists.

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    That’s crazy. I’ve seen thing like that happen a number of times downtown too. Waiting a few extra seconds can literally save a life.

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    Gregory Polimis

    Struth. Time we start actively lobbying our local councillors and MPPs to change the road safety laws. People (bad cyclists included…) can get away with all sorts of stuff now without penalty.
    Glad you weren’t injured!

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    Adam Tanel

    I think you’re bang on Greg. CycleTO does great lobbying work w/ City Council. If you can, please think about supporting their work. NO matter where you live, asking electoral candidates where they stand on cycling issues is a great idea.

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