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  • Story Created: September 22 2017    Author: BikerGuy
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    Why is it that in the midst of all the progress that cycling advocates are making these days there are still an abundance of self-righteous cyclists out there taking steps backwards. If we as cyclists want to be taken seriously as part of the solution to safer roads, bike network development and everything else that can transform Toronto into a biker’s haven we need to act according to the laws of the Highway Traffic Act. This means at the very least:
    – stopping at red lights and stop signs
    – no weaving in and out of traffic
    – no riding on sidewalks
    – being courteous to pedestrians and taking their safety into account
    Overall, we also need to understand that this progress might not go as quickly as we want it to and in the meantime there will still be cars on the road and bad drivers will always exist. Just like bad cyclists will always exist, and jaywalking pedestrians. With this in mind, perhaps we all need to praise drivers that leave extra space or take extra care as often as we fly off the handle on drivers who turn right or left without looking and open doors into bike lanes filled with cycling traffic.

    I also want to add my 2 cents surrounding the helmet discussion. Talk to anyone who has ever fallen off their bike at any speed and they’ll tell you that they were happy they had a helmet on. Sure, a helmet might not help you if you’re flying over the hood of a car, but there are so many scenarios and ways that cyclists can crash that any head protection is useful. Concussions might still occur, but you can drastically reduce how severe they are or you may avoid a fractured skull, road rash on your head, the loss of an eye, etc. simply put if you put a helmet on you’re reducing the risk of injury, whether you think it eliminates injury altogether isn’t relevant. And while some people say that wearing a helmet can actually cause injury let them talk to someone who was in a bad accident that wasn’t wearing one. It might not keep you from breaking an arm or leg, but it could keep you from breaking and arm, leg and having a brain injury.

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