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  • Story Created: July 13 2017    Author: Mal.S
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    It has now costed me over a 100CAD to fix my flat bike tires. All of it has been because there are so many potholes especially in the bike lanes. Last week I lost one of my evenings to getting my bike fixed. On my way back home from work, another cyclist tried to pass me on the Adelaide west bike path. What he didn’t realize was that if I didn’t move to my left at that very moment I would not be able to avoid the pothole. Of course, I was not able to avoid the pothole that was so deep that my tires couldn’t stand the impact and exploded both at once. This resulted in an evening of trying to get the tires fixed and not spend more money in taking the ttc home.

    Hoping the other cyclist would be a little more aware when passing other cyclists and more importantly fewer potholes in the bike lanes, because if the cars don’t kill us, the potholes definitely will.

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    Potholes are everywhere! You’re not wrong that other bikers need to be aware of everything when passing another cyclist. I’ve seen people on their way to work get forced into massive puddles and get soaked too. The pothole thing is way worse though. You’re lucky you didn’t wipe out and get hurt.

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    Adam Tanel

    Mal, I’ve had the same experience! Some oft he worst offenders on my commute (Dundas East) are e-scooter riders. According to City By-Laws e-scooters are not permitted in bike lanes, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from speeding past cyclists forcing cyclists to swerve into pot holes. If you see an e-scooter in a bike lane, feel free to politely remind them that they are not permitted in bike lanes (though e-bikes are). What’s the difference? e-bikes actually require nearly constant peddling. I have also attached images of an escooter.

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