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  • Story Created: September 22 2017    Author: Marc Alcide
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    Marc Alcide

    The time laundry saved my life.

    I never trust a motorist to signal and I always watch where their head is looking. Not worth the gamble when speeding past in their blindspot. If I can’t see your eyes in any of your mirrors, I can’t risk the chance. A lesson I learned the hardway a day before my 30th birthday.

    At the time my commute was 24km, and I loved every minute of it. The last stretch was the Yonge hill just north Dupont. Anyone familiar with that stretch of asphalt knows how much fun it can be, especially when riding fixed (with breaks obviously). The best part about that hill is there’s a dip at the bottom where you naturally slow down before continuing south past the Masonic building.

    I couldn’t have been going more than 20km when the car behind me speed up to make the light and turned right into me. His side mirror hit my handlebar, and as if in slow motion I watched my bike slide under his car as I flew over the hood somersaulting through the air. I landed flat on my back, and skidded a few meters. The light now red, I fortunately didn’t slide into oncoming traffic, but rather pedestrians crossing. To my surprise I was fine. I popped right up. A couple of scratches but nothing serious.

    My bucket kept my head safe when it whipped back and into my backpack. My backpack was full. Three days worth of dirty laundry and a macbook pro saved my life.

    I was in shock. Definitely had my bell rung. I met the driver not realizing I had his side mirror in my hand. My instinct was to attack, after all his carelessness nearly cost me my life, but I saw his toddler sitting in a car seat in the back. A calm washed over me and I handed him my business card. “Check in on me later today, make sure i’m alright” tossed him his mirror, and continued on my way.

    It wasn’t until the adrenaline wore off that I realized my fork and rim were bent beyond repair, and that the shakes had settled in.

    I walked away with a bruise on my leg and $300 in repairs. Never heard from that motorist either.

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    Adam Tanel

    Terrible! Glad you did not suffer long-term injuries. This story is a great reminder that you cannot trust motorists will do the right thing: both on the road and after an accident. Even if you do not think you re badly hurt, it is ALWAYS a good idea to get a picture of the driver’s license in case you need to follow up!

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